What's New to Do?

No matter how many times you've been to PA Dutch Country, we can find something new and interesting for you to do.  We have more new tour ideas for next year than ever before! 


Real Experiences with the Amish:  We have several new countryside venues to give you personal interaction with the Amish.  Share a dinner with an Amish family, have a picnic on an Amish farm, have a question/answer session, participate in Quilting with Amish ladies, or just sit around and chat with an Amish family.   These are all unique experiences that few tourists ever find and they're sure to be the highlight of your visit!


Country Treasures!  We've scoured the countryside to find hidden treasures nestled away in the Amish farmlands that we can't wait to share with our visitors next year!  Quaint country shops and Amish farms and industries that will educate and amaze you!


New Food Finds!   There's a wonderful new restaurant in Hershey that makes a great dining spot for lunch on dinner.  A new country restaurant features your favorite PA Dutch foods, prepared and served by Amish ladies, where your group is their main interest!  They only take one group at a time and give every guest personal attention.  You can have a light, inexpensive "Lunch and Learn" in the Blacksmith shop.  Amish ladies and girls prepare and serve the food, while sharing stories about their Amish life with you.


Wine and Cheese Tours!  Many local wineries offer opportunities for wine tours and tasting off the beaten path.  Visit farms where homemade cheese is made, taste some samples and take some along with you.


Brewery Tours:  Tour historical local breweries, and mini-breweries for some unique educational, and tasty experiences.


New Shows!   Our local theaters have a fabulous venue of shows, offering something for everyone's tastes:  Christian, comedy, musical, celebrity concerts, broadway productions, and original stage plays. 


The ConfessionThe Confession:   There's a new play in town at the Bird-in-Hand Family Inn, The Confession, based on the book by Beverly Lewis.  This entertaining and inspirational musical with a captivating story about a young Amish woman will touch your heart and move you to tears.  With soaring melodies and an amazingly talented cast, this may very well be the best show we've ever seen in Lancaster!  The Confession is a real treasure and is a MUST SEE on your next visit to Lancaster.  Trust us on this one... you won't be disappointed!  Performances and seating are limited, so give us a call today!


Wolves & Whales?   No, they have nothing in common, except that they're both here in Lancaster!    


Jonah picture of whaleJONAH at Sight & Sound Theater for the 2012 season only.    The biblical story of the prophet JONAH comes to life on the giant stage in the Millennium Theater, March 10th to October 27th, 2012, in Sight and Sound's most extreme fun-filled adventure ever produced. Incredible sets, costumes, lighting, seamless transitions, and special effects will keep you on the edge of your chair.  You'll find yourself in the heart of the action as you become immersed in the underwater scenes.   Uplifting and entertaining, yet with a powerful message for today, JONAH is truly a show for the entire family.  Be sure to catch the Tale of the Whale before he swims away!


BillyWolf Sanctuary of PA: In the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, quietly secured on 22 acres of natural woodland, you will find the home of the Speedwell Wolves, a refuge to Wolves who have found themselves without a place in the natural world. It has been over a hundred years since the last wild Wolf was known to exist in Pennsylvania.  

Originally created as an educational facility, the Sanctuary has allowed the Wolves, as nearly as possible to associate as a pack, choose their mates and raise their offspring. The Wolves of Speedwell hold a unique position as Ambassadors to the wild. It has been said that “the best wolf habitat resides in the human heart.” Perhaps it is also that the best habitat for our own wildness resides in the heart of the Wolf.





There's always something NEW TO DO in PA Dutch Country and we're here to help you find it!

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