JONAH at Sight & Sound Theater

March 10 - October 22, 2012

Whale Tail

Catch the 'Tale of the Whale' Before He Swims Away!

The production of JONAH will appear on the stage of Sight & Sound's Millennium Theater for one season only.  After the 2012 season, 'The Tale of the Whale' swims away!  Make your reservations NOW and catch him while you can!


We customize our PA Dutch tour packages for each of our customers, but you can use these sample packages to get some ideas for your trip.  Find one that's close to what you have in mind, then we'll help you customize it to make your own unique tour package.

JONAH Sample Packages

  • JONAH Day Trip Ideas              

  • JONAH 1 Night, 2 Day Package

  • JONAH 2 Night, 3 Day Package

  • JONAH 3 Night, 4 Day Package

  • JONAH 4 Night, 5 Day Package


Theater Shows & Schedules

▪  Sight & Sound Theater

▪  American Music Theatre

▪  Dutch Apple Dinner Theater

▪  Rainbow Dinner Theater

▪  Allenberry Dinner Theater

 Fulton Theater